Temple Membership Form

  • There is a small one time membership fee payable on acceptance of application for membership. All members shall be eligible for membership of the Temple upon payment of the membership fee.
  • All fees for membership or courses are non-refundable.
  • Once your application has been accepted you will be invited to join the Temple group and sent a membership certificate.
  • The Festival Temple is a working Temple as well as a place to learn about the 8 Sabbats of the year.
  • Any persons wishing to become a member of the Temple, who is under the age of 18, parental/guardians written permission is needed. Please contact info@festivaltemple.co.uk
  • Active members shall be any qualified person who attends at least five meetings/rituals during the current quarter of the year and maintains a presence in group. As a member you will be expected to participate in the eight Sabbat Rituals of the Temple.
  • There are several online groups and study groups for those wishing to take courses through the Temple.
  • A member may be asked to leave the Temple on the basis that they cause disruption and/or defamation to the Temple, or to the Correllian Tradition

Temple of the 8 Festivals Membership Form
Are You a Member of the Correllian Tradition
Inner Court ( Clergy) or Outer Court (non Clergy)
This is a working Temple and as a member you will be expected to participate. To become a member you have to agree to participate in Temple activities. Do you agree to help with Temple activities
You will be sent a PayPal request for the membership fee, please submit a valid email address

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