Temple Membership
  • The Festival Temple is a working Temple as well as being somewhere to learn about the 8 Sabbats of the year.
    If you are accepted as a member you will be expected to participate in the Rituals of the Temple. 

  • We have the 8 Sabbat Rituals a year at different times for different time zones.
    You will be expected to participate in helping with the rituals

  • Once your application has been accepted you will be invited to join the egroup and sent a membership certificate.

  • If you need to ask any questions or you are unsure of anything please email: info@festivaltemple.co.uk

The membership fee for the Temple of the 8 Festival is for the lifetime of the Temple.  If you are not prepared to pay the membership
fee please do not fill in the application form



Temple Membership Form

Temple Membership Form
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This is a working Temple and as a member you will be expected to participate. To become a member you have to agree to participate in Temple activities. Do you agree to help with Temple activities