Recipe 1
2 Tbs Frankincense
2 Tbs Pine needles or resin
1 Tbs Cedar
1 Tbs Juniper Berries
Burn on Yule or during the winter months.

Recipe 2
Mix together 2 tablespoons dried Pine Needles
1 tablespoon Red Sandalwood Chips
1 tablespoon Cedar chips
20 drops Frankincense oil
10 drops Myrrh oil
5 drops Cinnamon oil
5 drops Allspice oil
5 drops Pine oil,
stir together and finish off by mixing in 2 tablespoons Frankincense Resin.
Let your incense mixture 'cure' for a day or two before you burn.

Recipe 3
1 part cypress 
1 part oak bark 
1 part juniper berries

Recipe 4
3 parts frankincense 
1/2 part mistletoe 
1 part juniper berries 
few drops juniper oil 
few drops orange oil

Yule Potpourri

1oz Pearly Everlasting (White)
1*oz Pine Needles Green
1* oz Cockscomb Flowers (Dyed Red)
2oz Pine Cones, White Spruce
2* oz Cinnamon Sticks (1-inch)
1oz Curly Pods (Natural)
1* oz Hibiscus Flowers, whole
*oz Noble Fir Cones Scales
1oz Pine Cones, Birch
*oz Pine Cones, Hemlock
4oz Rose Hips, whole
* oz Velvet Flowers (Xmas Red)
2oz Cellulose Fiber Fixative
2oz Cloves, whole
Oil: Christmas with Vanilla * to *oz per 16 cups
potpourri mix. (About a gallon)

Holiday Spice Simmering Potpourri

8oz Rose Hips whole
2oz Star Anise, standard
1* oz Cinnamon Chips large cut
2* oz Cinnamon Sticks 1-inch
1oz Curly Pods (Natural)
2oz Ginger Root Slices
3*oz Juniper Berries Red whole
*oz Noble fir Cone Scales
*oz Oak Moss whole * inch pieces
1oz Pine Cones Birch
1*oz Spina Cristi
1*oz Allspice (Jamaican) whole
1*oz Cloves whole
1oz Sassafras cut
*oz Tilia Flowers
Oil: Bayberry with Cinnamon, Christmas or Christmas with Vanilla, Cinnamon or Cinnamon with Vanilla.
* to *oz per 16 cups of potpourri mix. (About a gallon)

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